Mission Statement

The Minnesota Soccer Association (MSA) is the governing body of the adult soccer leagues in Minnesota, and is the organization by which these soccer leagues are affiliated with USASA, US Soccer (USSF) and  FIFA.

Affiliation with USSF and USASA carries both rights and responsibilities.  It provides for a judiciary process, for participation in insurance programs and in regional and national tournaments.  Referees must choose to referee affiliated games over non-affiliated games.  In order to receive these benefits, leagues must affiliate with the MSA, must participate in MSA meetings, and must register players and pay fees as required.

In order to support this process, the MSA has several functions:

  • We bring the leagues together to determine common standards and courses of action 
  • We represent the leagues and players of our state at the regional and national levels for both USASA and USSF
  • We act in a judiciary capacity - we hear any appeals of league decisions and we have original jurisdiction for any cases of referee abuse/assault
  • We administer the USASA-provided liability insurance and medical insurance programs
  • We run state-wide programs such as the Elite Player Program (formerly the State Select Team program)
  • We consolidate the player registrations from the leagues and ensure that those players are registered with USASA in order to receive the benefits above.